Climate Finance Volunteer

Microfinance a.s. is  looking for a volunteer with tasks that would be tailored to the personality of the volunteer and the opportunities that are arising. 

Microfinance a.s.  supports three types of projects:

  1. Individual farmers.
  2. Cooperatives.
  3. Microfinance institutions.

Microfinance a.s.'s flagship project is Interest in Coffee in cooperation with Mexican team Tosepan. The principle is simple. The investor supports the cooperative with repayable financial support at 7 percent p.a., used for the renovation of coffee plantations in forest ecosystems. Biodiversity, water, air and people benefit from the renewal of the forest. Interest to supporters shall be paid in cash or in the form of raw materials produced by the cooperative which are imported at wholesale price, whether it be coffee, spice, cocoa or cinnamon.

Interested candidates are invited to write few words about themselves or CV to

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Prague, Czech Republic
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