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Technical Assistance Delivery to Small Business Banks and MFIs: What Works?

How can technical assistance to small business financial institutions be made more effective?

Reflections and Learnings: ShoreCap Exchange's Risk Management Forum December 2004

Enterprise Risk Management System (ERMS): Theory and application

Strategies for Staff Retention

The importance of staff retention in MFIs and small business banks

Compensation as a Retention Strategy

This paper lays out steps and tools for designing a salary structure for effective staff retention

Building Win-Win Investor Investee Relationships

Different perspectives of a "win-win relationship"

Leading Change Management

Strategies and tools for managing change, including challenges and pitfalls during the process

Winning Strategies for Small Business Lending

Addressing small business lending challenges
Case study

Addressing Board Challenges

Defining the role of board of directors within the governance structure

MicroSave Toolkit for Individual Lending for Credit Managers

A toolkit to guide credit managers to group lending methodologies to individual lending

MicroSave Toolkit for Individual Lending for Credit Officers

This toolkit enhances participants'’ loan processing and credit decision-making skills