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Beyond Financial Inclusion: Financial Health as a Global Framework

A model for assessing how well one’s daily financial systems help build resilience

Marrying Financial Transactions with Asset-Building Opportunities

Building assets of low income families by linking savings and investments to transactional products

Meeting Them Where They Work: The Promise of Financial Services Distribution in the Workplace

What is the potential of providing financial services at the work place?

Innovation Trends in Nonprofit Financial Services to the Underbanked

Emerging trends and creative partnerships in finance services

Financial Services Trends and Innovations in South Africa: Lessons for the United States

What can the U.S. adopt from the inclusive financial service innovations in South Africa?

Getting to Know Underbanked Consumers: A Financial Services Analysis

Analysis of activities, attitudes and behaviors of low-income consumers

A Financial Services Survey of Low- and Moderate-income Households

Attitude and behavior of low income customers towards financial services
Case study

Employer-Based Homeownership Programs

Case Study: Community Empower, Corporate Housing Assistance Program

Results of Survey on the Unbanked Market

The Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI) conducted an informal survey during BAI's Retail Delivery Conference and Expo in Las Vegas in November 2004