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Case study

Catalyzing Inclusive Financial Systems: Chile’s Commitment to Women’s Data

Valuable lessons on collecting and using sex-disaggregated data in the financial sector

A Rising US$ 750 Billion Market: Unlocking Opportunities at the Base of the Pyramid in Latin America and the Caribbean

How has Latin America and the Caribbean's market changed at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP)?

Default Risk in Agricultural Lending: The Effects of Commodity Price Volatility and Climate

Managing risk associated with agricultural activities

The Progress Out of Poverty Index: A Detailed Analysis of MFI Implementation

Providing recommendations to MFIs based on a review of the Progress Out of Poverty Index

Making Rural Finance Work

What can be one to alleviate the problems of rural finance?

Equipment Leasing and Lending: A Guide for Microfinance

How should MFIs tackle equipment finance?

Financing Microfinance: Exploring the Funding Side of Microfinance Institutions

Can there be universally understood indicators in microfinance?