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MicroRate Cameroon Country Note: April 2020

Looking at business, social and macroeconomic key indicators in the country

Preserving Liquidity: Policymaker Responses to COVID-19 and the Impact on Low-Income Customers

Initial lessons learned and suggestions for dealing with the current and future crises

Recovery Planning

Do financial institutions have adequate contingency plans to recover from the effects of the pandemic?

Relief for Informal Workers: Falling Through the Cracks in COVID-19

Recommendations for medium-term program improvements to reach the "informal poor"

Adapting to a New Normal

Strengthening resilience to climate change: Best practices from the European Microfinance Award 2019

Advancing Women’s Digital Financial Inclusion

10 policy options to improve women's economic participation

Could the Poor Bank on Stablecoins?

Discussion prompts for innovators, regulators, and consumers

COVID-19: Boon and Bane for Digital Payments and Financial Inclusion

Does the pandemic present an opportunity to improve access to digital channels?
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Cybersecurity Resource Centers for the Financial Sector: A Proposed Business Concept

Proposal for multiple countries to combine resources for shared cybersecurity resource centers