Digital Credit: Filling a Hole, or Digging a Hole? Evidence From Malawi

Consumer digital credit offered by mobile money networks has expanded rapidly in Africa in recent years. These loans (which are "instant, automated and remote" – CGAP 2016) have the potential to dramatically expand credit access, especially given the hundreds of millions of people in Africa who already have a mobile money account (GSMA 2018). However, as currently offered, consumer digital loans tend to be for small amounts, with short terms and high effective interest rates (well over 100 percente APR annually).

During this webinar, Jonathan Robinson (University of California, Santa Cruz; DCO Scientific Director), Pascaline Dupas (Stanford), and Valentina Brailovskaya (IDinsight) will present preliminary results from their DCO-funded study, "Estimating the Effect of Digital Credit: An Experiment With Airtel Malawi."

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